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Who Am I ?

Like many of us in France, I started my transition by following the FPATH (French Professional Association for Transgender Health) guideline and had to go through humiliating diagnosis, intensive therapy and gatekeeping only to get prescribed ineffective HRT.



Frustrated with the poor trans healthcare in France, I started looking for better alternative. With a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and process engineering, my job gave me the knowledge and qualification I needed to compound my own injectable estradiol.



I believe everyone should have the freedom to transition safely and effectively without the need for third party agreement and unreliable doctors who most of the time have no idea of what they’re doing, so after sharing it with my friends, I started to help local associations I’m working with and I now aim to make my HRT solutions accessible to as many people as possible.



My goal is to provide access to cheap, safe and effective HRT for transgender people in a way that the medical system has failed to do so far.

Laboratory equipment

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All manipulation are done in a sterile environment following standard microbiological practices. Equipment used for measurement are of high precision to ensure the reproducibility of every production.

Verified Ingredients

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All excipients used are of EP grade. Active ingredients are from trusted suppliers and verified by third party analysis.

Sterilization process

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Each batch goes through both vacuum filtration at 0.2μ, and terminal sterilization in class B autoclave at 134°C for 18 min.
Bowie-Dick test are performed before each autoclaving cycle.

High quality vials

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Vials are made of type 1 borosilicate, depyrogenated and autoclaved prior to use. They're sealed with PTFE/Silicone septa which provide the best resealability performance for multiple injections and extended storage.

Privacy features

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I strongly believe in the importance of GDPR compliance and the respect of your privacy. The only personal information stored are the one needed for processing your order. All your data are encrypted and automatically deleted when no longer needed.
Payments are made by cryptocurrency only and orders are shipped in discreet packaging.

Frequently Ask Questions​

Worldwide shipping is now available with a tracking number. If your country doesn’t appear in the list during checkout or if it has specific customs rules, please contact me.


Because in most countries, estrogens are not controlled substances that are illegal to order or possess, ordering injectable HRT almost always carries zero risk of legal consequence. However, because ordering medication online without a prescription is unregulated, packages may still be seized by customs and destroyed. Customs seizure is rare though, and I take additional precautions to increase the chance of delivery, but in the event your package get lost or seized I can offer one free resend.


Ordering within Europe will carry essentially zero risk of seizure, because domestic mail does not pass through customs.

For security reason cryptocurrency is currently the only accepted mode of payment (although I may add other payment methods in the future).


If you have no experience with cryptocurrency you can use Moonpay to buy bitcoin. Copy the amount of bitcoin and the address shown on the checkout page directly in Moonpay, make sure the amount and address are correct before you pay. 


Once your payment has been sent your order will be on hold until it has been confirmed on the blockchain. You will be notified when the payment has been received and I will come back to you when the order has been shipped.


Note that it can take a few hours for your transaction to be confirmed during high network activity. You can check your transaction status on a blockchain explorer like mempool.space.

It differ from individuals and depends on the method of administration, the solution you choose and whether you are on antiandrogen or not. More details can be found on each product page.


Please contact me if you are not sure of what dosage you should take.

Homebrew HRT isn’t subject to the same standards as injection made by regulated pharmaceutical companies and cannot be as safe as prescription products. However I make the safety and quality of the products I offer my main priority and I take as many steps as possible to ensure that it is as safe as it can be.


Safety measures include depyrogenation, vacuum filtration and terminal sterilization by autoclaving respecting the curent medical standards. I use regulated laboratory equipment that is review regularly, excipients are sourced from suppliers that comply with the European Pharmacopoeia regulations, and raw estrogen are from trusted source and submit to heavy metal analysis and purity test.


GC/MS data are available on transharmreduction.org


That being said, I cannot act as your physician or guarantee perfect health and results using my product, only access to HRT that I personally use and rely on.


I strongly encourage you to do some research on DIY first and, if that’s a possibility for you, get regular blood tests and medical follow-up. Your health is among the most valuable ressources you have, please proceed with caution.


Some useful ressources :


DIY HRT wiki


Wiki Trans (fr)


Injectable Estradiol Simulator

Contact me

If you need more information about the products or need help to make an order you can contact me here.

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