Estradiol Enanthate (MCT)

Estradiol Enanthate (EEn) 400 mg/10 mL (40 mg/mL) in MCT Oil


Recommended dosage : 7 mg every 10 days (0.18 mL) for monotherapy, pre-orchidectomy/pre-srs.


These dosage should give the vast majority of people high enough estradiol levels to suppress testosterone on its own, a single vial will last you over 18 months at this dosage.


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Active ingredient : Estradiol Enanthate 400 mg   Excipients :MCT Oil, Benzyl Benzoate (40.0%), Benzyl Alcohol (2.0%)   Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Not suitable for refrigeration (unless for long term storage).   I highly recommend to adjust the dosage accordingly if you have access to blood testing.  Ideally you should be aiming for the lowest possible estradiol levels (that are still above 100pg/mL) that still adequately suppress testosterone <50ng/dL at trough. Though people usually require trough estradiol levels of 200-300pg/mL to adequately suppress testosterone.   If vial stopper becomes compromised, or changes occur in visual clarity or viscosity of oil solution, discard. If vial coring occurs, discard.   Always follow proper disinfection technique and ensure proper storage and examination of vials prior to use.   Ensure no large air bubbles remain in your syringe during injection.   If you have congenital heart issues or a family history of breast cancer, consult a doctor.   Redness or irritation post-injection may be a result of localized irritation, improper aseptic technique, contamination of the vial, Benzyl Alcohol (preservative) or Benzyl Benzoate (solvent) allergic reaction.   Benzyl Alcohol is a common preservative used in  many injections, and is necessary for contamination prevention of multi-dose vials. It is a sensitization agent, and might result in an allergic reaction. A small percentage of users might become sensitized to Benzyl Alcohol and experience irritation or swelling in the region. Please be mindful of this, a newly formed allergy will not disappear if you ignore it, though in many cases might not be particularly severe.

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